Jed Lean - Co-Creator

Jed Lean


John Richards - Co-Creator and Illustrator

John Richards
Creator and Illustrator

Travis Jensen - Co-creator and Author

Travis Jensen
Creator and Author

Harvest Jack: 13 Nights of Hallow was created by 3 dads from Reno, NV.  Team Harvest came about the way most great things do: part chance, a lot of hard work, with a dash of good luck. Having a love for that spookiest time of year at the end of October, the Team quickly assembled once an idea was presented.

Travis and Jed have known each other since their days in high school and just happened to end up working together at the University of Nevada, Reno. John hired on to fill an emergency vacancy and in doing so made his office into a museum of spooky illustrations he had previously created.  It was not long for the three of them to realize they shared the same passion for ghosts, pumpkins and bumps in the night.

What began as a simple idea of a pumpkin head has blossomed into a magical world filled with all things harvest.  Harvest Jack became a pencil sketch, then a poem, followed by a book.   Very simple until those ideas took root and exploded into many more characters and a place we call Patchville.


Can't decide what you want to be for Halloween, ask Harvest Jack. Write to Harvest Jack about your costume, harvest festival, the pumpkin patch or just say Hi.



Read what is going on in Patchville through out the year. See what Giselle Spell is cooking up for 13 Nights of Hallow®.